Cheater Checker Automatically Records All:

Additional Cheater Checker 4.0 Features
Records User Activity 100% silently (Running Visually Is Also Available)
Password Protected For Your Eyes Only
Print Captured Data
Time Schedule Your PC Monitoring
Monitor Only Specific Users Of Your PC
24 Hour / 7 Days Per Week Support
Monitors And Records All Websites Visited

Perhaps your partner is a real computer whiz and can cover their tracks well on a PC. However, they cannot cover their tracks from Cheater Checker. Every website that is visited is logged. Every page on that web site is also logged. You'll have a complete record of every web site visited and with a single click can go right to where they were.

In addition to logging these sites, Cheater Checker will also take screen shots of all of these websites. So now you have the website addresses and screen shots of the web sites visited. You'll know right away if your partner has been doing something online that they are not supposed to be doing.

In addition to this, if your partner spends a lot of time on the PC, you don't want to spend hours sifting through everything they have looked at. Cheater Checker provides you with DVD like playback features that allow you to play back all the sites visited in a movie-like fashion, so you can control the speed of the playback and go through hours of web surfing in a matter of minutes.


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As seen on CHEATERS
You've seen the TV Show. When the show ends, it asks its viewers to visit their website. And what software do you see them promoting? That's right, Cheater Checker!
As seen on
A news story that aired suggesting the use of Cheater Checker for people who might suspect their spouse is cheating on them. They showed their viewers the best for a reason.
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The Tom Leykis show is a nation wide syndicated radio show on relationships. Click HERE to listen to Tom Leykis talk about Cheater Checker.
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May Be Cheating

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